Chipping Hammers

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Faithfull Tools
Faithfull Welder Chipping Hammer 290mm


Welding or chipping hammers are used to clean and remove slag from welds (dressing) and can also be used for boiler scaling applications.The Faithfull Welders Chipping Hammer has an all steel construction that makes it both solid and strong. It features a striking head with a sharp conical point and a flat chisel bevelled end. The unique helical barrel spring handle helps to prevent kickback and reduces resonance, helping to avoid fatigue during long periods of use.The hammer is fitted with an i..

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Draper Tools
Draper Premium Welders Chipping Hammer

€9.19 €15.63

FEATURES:Hardened and tempered head with steel spring impact resistant handle. ..

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Vaughan RWC14 Welder's Chipping Hammer 400g (14oz)


The Vaughan Welder's Chipping Hammer with a 30mm (1.1/4in) blade for removing flash and a tapered sharp point for chipping. Forged from high-carbon steel. Fitted with a exclusive air cushioned slip-resistant grip for comfort. Made in the USA. Specification Weight: 400g (14oz)Handle Length: 280mm (11in)..

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WeldMIG Spring Handle Chipping Hammer


Strong, solid construction with spring handle to provide a good grip and reduce resonance. Head includes a chisel end and point...

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WeldMIG Tubular Handle Chipping Hammer


A lightweight Chipping Hammer, featuring a chisel end and a pointed tip to quickly remove slag created when welding. Features a long handle and a double-ended chipping head...

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WeldMIG Wooden Handle Chipping Hammer


This welding and chipping hammer makes it easy to clean and remove slag from all your welds. Features a cone shaped nose with a sharp, flattened point and a vertical chisel tail...

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