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URKO Super Extra 4003-P (30x8) Screw Clamp 300mm x 83mm TWIN PACK

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Product Code: URKO 1529030 TWIN
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Product Description

Screw Clamps "Super Extra" with powerful Clamping with less Effort.

  • Nodular cast Iron Jaws, New ergonomic design.
  • Bar attachment to the Jaw by a Rivet Free System. PATENTED
  • Trapezoidal Tread Totally Sealed and Permanently lubricated.
  • Handle with multiple Choices of positioning
  • High resistance Steel Bar.
  • Hardened Steel Brake. Braking System of Total Warranty
  • Greater lightness and ergonomics. Less heavy than any model of equivalent strength.
  • Long useful life of the product. Encapsulation of the clamping mechanisms with total isolation from the outside. Total protection against shocks and external agents. Two permanent lubrication chambers.


  • Powerful Clamping with less Effort
  • Dusty environments or under Fluids.
  • High precision clamping.
  • In dusty and dirty environments. Even under fluids and gluing operations.
  • Ideal against welding spatters, sparks
  • Outdoors in adverse situations, humidity, salty environment.
  • Tightening with a high degree of precision.


  • Ball Bearings Mechanism. No friction at all
  • sealed Mechanism and permanent lubrication.
  • Protection against punching, Welding Projections, Dust, Oxidation.
  • Manufactured in Spain

RESULT: the Lifetime of the product is improved between 10 and 15 times

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