BluCave Workzone

Blucave Workzone, the smartest and coolest storage system in the world!

You think storage products are boring? You are wrong!

With the BluCave Workzone you can create a modern workzone that not only stores your workshop products conveniently but looks amazing as well. Tools and accessories are stored in transparent Carry Cabinets and Drawers so you can immediately find what you need. Power and Lighting are available in an instant. The Hood and Shelf lock your precious items away to keep children safe and create a clean modern workshop. Large Tower Cabinets can store a huge range of items that you have in your garage or workshop. Efficient and stable, the Workbench Top is easily assembled between two large cabinets to finish your BluCave Workzone professionally. And what would a workshop be without Great Sound when playing your favourite Music? The BluCave Workzone has it all!


Blucave is modular and can be expanded. You can start building small and expand it as you wish. Every craftsman is unique and so is every Blucave workzone unique.


Blucave can easily be installed in your van or caddy. It's the perfect solution for you to bring your tools and accessories to every job. Your transporter will never look untidy again! You can simply hang one rail in your storage space and another in your vehicle, this way your things will always stay where they belong.

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