Lighting and Torches

No1 for Lighting Products in Ireland!

From site lighting for construction workers to inspection lights for the workshop, torches, PIR lighting, bicycle lights and batteries Draper Tools has wide range of lighting solutions available for professional and home use. Whether it’s a torch for emergencies, motion sensitive lighting or an LED head lamp, you’ll find it all here.

Our range of LED work and inspection lights provides various options and types. Within the range are lights with magnetic bases, flexible shafts, integral magnetic pick up tools, free standing tripods, and swivel heads, as well as mini pen inspection lights, and emergency sensor lights.

We also offer a wide range of lights, by type: portable, adjustable tripod, wall mounted, festoon, plasterers tripod and folding, inspection, rechargeable, pod, and task. Many available in 110 volt or 240 volt, which is useful for both domestic and trade use.

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